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thursday, June 20 2013

Micaela, 17 years old, Buenos Aires. Future writer and translator. Interested in design and photography.

tuesday, April 30 2013

Francisca, 16 years old, Buenos Aires. Actress for a hobby. Interested in art, literature and music.

sunday, April 28 2013

Luna, 14 years, Buenos Aires. Likes all kind of creative disciplines. Drawing and writing are two of them.

saturday, April 27 2013

Julián, 16 years, Buenos Aires. Writer and future literature teacher. Studies drama. Inspired by Pedro Almodóvar and Björk

sunday, April 21 2013

Irene, 16 years old, Buenos Aires. Writer. Studies drama for a hobby. Loves photography. Text of the tattoo  is a quote from a song of the Argentine singer Spinetta.

tuesday, April 09 2013

Valentina, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Writer of short stories. Inspired by Dostojevski and others.

sunday, April 07 2013

Gaia, 16 years old, Buenos Aires. Future writer.

sunday, September 16 2012

Jon, 18 years old, Berlin. Writes reviews about music festivals throughout Europe, for the website Festivalrykten. Sings in an indie/rock/funkband.

tuesday, May 30 2012

Jiron, 17 years old, Amsterdam. Actor, singer and writer.

thursday, June 23 2011

Fabian, 18 years old, Amsterdam. Guitar player in the streets, together with a Scottish friend. Mostly self written and improvised songs, which are a combination of jazz, blues and folk. A future psychologist.

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