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thursday, May 15 2014

Djill, 21 years old. Studied design. Now into drawing.

friday, July 19 2013

Diès, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Likes acting and dancing. Used to be a model in his childhood.

tuesday, May 14 2013

Lola, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Grafitti artist, in her bedroom. Most photographed person during the stay of Jasper Groen in Argentina. Today this adventures ends, but the coming weeks portraits will continue to be uploaded. From Buenos Aires ánd Berlin.

From Saturday, May 18, Fotofestival Naarden will exhibit 33 portraits from ‘A Portrait For Breakfast in Berlin’.

wednesday, May 08 2013

Nana, 14 years old, Buenos Aires. Singer and guitar player. Inspired by the Beatles.

This Friday is the private inauguration of the exhibition A Portrait For Breakfast, in Centro Cultural Recoleta. Who ever wants to come to this event: send your name and DNI-number to info@jaspergroen.nl and you are on the guestlist. The party starts at 18 o clock. Adress: Junin 1930, Buenos Aires.

thursday, May 02 2013

Charo, 13 years old, Buenos Aires. Inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Future architect.

friday, April 19 2013

Etmée, 24 years old, Buenos Aires. Photo assistant.

sunday, April 14 2013

Lola, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Graffiti artist.

tuesday, April 09 2013

Valentina, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Writer of short stories. Inspired by Dostojevski and others.

wednesday, October 10 2012

Paul, 16 years old, Berlin, Chef in a restaurant. Plays trumpet.

thursday, October 04 2012

Pascal, 14 years old, Berlin. Graffiti artist. Note the (black) nails in his ears.

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