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monday, May 13 2013

Melissa, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Streetdancer.

tuesday, April 12 2011

Vincent, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Wants to become a lawyer or a member of the board from a financial institute. Likes to streetdance and to play basketball.

saturday, January 01 2011

Tisha, 14 years old, Delfgauw. Follow lessons of so called street dance. Very fanatic to win dance battles with Wii. Checking A Portrait For Breakfast every morning. And by far the person with the most comments on this website.

saturday, October 02 2010

Ramon, 18 years old, Amsterdam. Gets educated as a designer and maker of fashion. Likes to sing, mostly in private, and is into streetdance.

saturday, June 5 2010

Darah, 14  years old, Amsterdam. Loves to streetdance. Posed for several fashion shoots in the past.

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