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saturday, June 01 2013

John, 20 years old, Buenos Aires. Musician. Inspired by blues.

A Portrait For Breakfast in Berlin is exhibited at Fotofestival Naarden (till June 23) and A Portrait For Breakfast in Buenos Aires can been seen in Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires (till June 9). With financial support by the Vanden Ende Foundation.

wednesday, September 12 2012

Kaan, 14 years old, Berlin. Skater and graffiti artist.

monday, August 30 2010

Jerry, 16 years old, Amsterdam. Interested in tattoos and piercings. Wants to become a successful bassist in a metal band. Otherwise he likes to have a job in which he can work with young children.

friday, July 23 2010

Gwydd, 16 years old, Amsterdam. In training for the Welsh Martial Arts Championship Under 18, in September. Text on his T-shirt: Your girlfriend (left image), My girlfriend (right image).

friday, June 25 2010

Menno, 21 years old, Utrecht. Model for photographers and fashion designers. StudentĀ of the history of contemporary art.

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