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wednesday, August 04 2010

Siard, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Preparing for a big meeting of members of websociety Hyves in Vondelpark, Amsterdam, next Saturday. Likes screamo and metal.

monday, August 02 2010

Marvin, 18 years old, Amsterdam. Listen to hardrock and screamo. Specialised in editing in Photoshop. But he also likes to draw with pencil and paper.

saturday, July 03 2010

Wouter, 16 years old, and Babette, 14 years old, Delft. Wouter is a train- and planespotter. Babette a musician. She likes screamo, metal and post-hardcore.

tuesday, June 15 2010

Rick, 17 years old, Horst a/d Maas. Member of a band playing ‘screamo’: emo-music with screaming voices. Describes his style as a mix of ’emo’ and ‘scene’. Dressing like this since he was 13 years old, and therefor one of the first to introduce the emo-subculture to the Netherlands.

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