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friday, May 20 2011

Robin, 14 years old, Zoetermeer. Musical star. Played the role of young Tarzan. Thinks acting on stage is more interesting than on telivision or in movies, because you are able to act bigger expressions. He also loves the interaction with the audience and the final applause.

thursday, August 05 2010

Yayoek and Robin, both 14 years old, Amsterdam. Yayoek (left) is a graffiti artist and a drawer. Robin likes acting for a local theatre and wants to become a doctor for Médecins Sans Frontière (Doctors without Borders).  Often visiting music festivals together.

sunday, June 20 2010

Robin, 15 years old, Venlo. Inline-skater in half-pipe. Also into judo. His hero is Angus Young, guitar player of the hardrockband AC/DC.

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