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tuesday, October 16 2012

Enis, 13 years old, Berlin. Likes hip hop and reggae.

wednesday, October 03 2012

Helen, 14 years old, Berlin. Future architect. Plays guitar. Likes hip hop and reggae.

friday, April 22 2011

Nicole, 23 years old, Amsterdam. On holidays in the city. Listens to reggae and R&B. Wants to become an alternative model and a professional skater. Says she enjoys going downhill the most while skating.

monday, February 21 2011

Tommy, 17 years old, Rotterdam. Started a punkband at the age of 10 years, called Waardeloos (‘worthless’). Still having gigs every week with this band, as singer and guitar player. Joined¬†the Pop Academy this year, where he is also member of a reggae band.

wednesday, February 02 2011

Olmo, 13 years old, Amsterdam. Recently acted at school in De Jossen, a play written by the Belgium author Tom Lanoye.  Has been photographed by Jasper Groen for several years. Likes football, dubstep and reggae.

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tuesday, July 20 2010

Karel, 12 years old, Amsterdam. About to join secondary school. Likes to play songs on the guitar from bands like Blink-182 and Coldplay.

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