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thursday, February 24 2011

May, 18 years old, Amsterdam. Following ‘Interactive Media Design’ at Artez, Arnhem. This brand new study can get her a job as a web designer or even a veejay. She likes metal. Rammstein is her favorite band.

thursday, January 06 2011

Erik, 20 years old, Amsterdam. Likes Dexter on television and listen to various bands, including Rammstein and the Dutch rapformation De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Studying logisticsĀ andĀ distribution.

monday, September 13 2010

Theo, 18 years old, Amsterdam. Defines himself as a musician. Plays guitar in two bands: Eden to Ashes, a progressive death metal band, and Der Nimwegen Metal Allianz, so called Deutsches Party Metal. This last band started as a joke and is a parody on Rammstein.

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