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friday, September 14 2012

Nam,  13 years old, Berlin. Baritone horn musician. Also likes to play guitar and to ride longboard.

tuesday, May 24 2011

Look, 13 years old, Amsterdam. Drummer from the band The Moose. Inspired by Johnny Cash. Likes the music of Go Back To The Zoo,  Gorrilaz and Faith No More. Also likes longboarding.

thursday, May 19 2011

Jesper, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Into extreme sports. Also likes longboarding. And if he gets the opportunity he wants to become a professional basketballer. Thinks about living abroad in the future.

wednesday, June 30 2010

Mo, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Lives in Portugal, but on a three months holiday at his friends in the Netherlands. A dedicated longboard skater.

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