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friday, April 01 2011

Raven, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Guitar player. Wants to become somebody in arts, from drawings to photography. Inspired by Andy Warhol. She really likes his work.

thursday, January 13 2011

Casper, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Listens to all kind of rock bands. Plays drums at home, not yet in a band.

wednesday, September 29 2010

Annouk, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Wants to become a writer of novels. Just finished her first book, about reincarnation. She believes she is the reincarnation of another girl, who was killed at the age of 16 years old near the border of Amsterdam.

tuesday, August 03 2010

Mimi, 17 years old, Amsterdam. Has done some modeling for a hair saloon. Photographed in front of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam.

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