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friday, March 16 2012

Alex, 16 years old, Mechelen. Drawer. Wants to open his tattoo shop in the future. Likes hiphop music, but occasionally likes to rave on hardcore parties too.

monday, June 06 2011

Brian, 17 years old, Amsterdam. Admitted to art academy St. Joost, Breda (NL). Inspired by Hedi Slimane and the Dutch photographers Erwin Olaf and David Koppelaar (previously portrayed for this project here). Works on a series of photographs about the seven sins. Also a hiphop dancer.

monday, November 22 2010

Mohammed, 19 years old, Amsterdam. Likes to listen to hip-hop and R&B. Studies medicins and wants to become a doctor.

friday, August 03 2010

Melle, 17 years old, Amsterdam. Studied all kind of dances. Started at the age of nine with tap dance. After that he joined the Nationale Balletacademie, for classic ballet. He continued with jazz ballet and hip hop. Finished his high school and ready to study mime at the Theateracademie.

thursday, August 19 2010

Stephanie, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Likes hip-hop and breakdance.  Just went to the city centre on the bike to buy some sweets.

wednesday, June 19 2010

Veerle, 15 years old, Venlo. Into hiphop-dancing. Wants to open a dance studio in the future.

wednesday, June 2 2010

Mikka, 16 years old, and Yael, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Love rap- and hiphop-music. Favorite rapper: Hef, from the Netherlands.

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