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saturday, July 23 2013

William, 17 years old, Maastricht. Wants be be an art teacher at an art academy in the future. Skater and musician.

thursday, June 20 2013

Micaela, 17 years old, Buenos Aires. Future writer and translator. Interested in design and photography.

sudnay, May 19 2-13

Eva, 15 years old, Berlin. Opera singer. Actress. Interested in visual arts.

This portrait is exhibited at Fotofestival Naarden. Doors are open today!

friday, May 17 2013

Florian, 11 years old, Berlin. Skater. Future photographer.

This portrait of Florian will be exhibited at Fotofestival Naarden (location: Bastion Oranje), which is open for the public from tomorrow.

wednesday, April 17 2013

Nahuel, 18 years old, Lukas, 19 years old and their two rats, Buenos Aires. Performance artists.

(good) friday, March 29 2013

Circe, 14 years old, Buenos Aires. Plays flute. First to be photographed twice for this projct in Argentina.

thursday, March 28 2013

Tomás, 16 years old, Buenos Aires. Pianist.

Saturday, March 23 2013

Circe, 14 years old, Buenos Aires. Flute player. Makes her own juwelery.

tuesday, March 19 2013

Aaron, 12 years old, Buenos Aires. Percussionist.

wednesday, October 17 2012

Muriel, 14 years old, Berlin. Portrait photographer. Already assisting her uncle during shoots and with post production.

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