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thursday, June 13 2013

Prins, 22 years old, Den Haag. Photographer. In a few hours he will present his first photo book at &FOAM, the concept store of the Amsterdam museum for photography.


wednesday, May 16 2012

Jedidja, 17 years old, Amsterdam. Bass guitar player. Busy with recording her first demo. The most photographed person for this project. A previous photograph of Jedidja is selected for the exhibition in &FOAM, Vijzelstraat 78, Amsterdam. Exhibition is still on show till this Sunday.

monday, April 23 2012

Tijgerlelie, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Interviewed by local tv-channel AT5 about  her first novel, during the opening of the exhibition A Portrait For Breakfast in &FOAM, the concept store of Foam, museum for photography in Amsterdam. To be seen from Wednesday to Sunday till May 20, at Vijzelstraat 78, Amsterdam. Photograph by Prins de Vos.

friday, September 24 2010

Babeth, 19 years old, Amsterdam. Studies Cultural Heritage. Now a trainee at Foam, museum for photography in Amsterdam. Wants to become a photographeer herself. She likes the works of Sally Mann, particular her series about her children (‘Immediate Family’).

permanent link to the portrait

September 24th, 2010 | 1 comment

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