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thursday, May 15 2014

Djill, 21 years old. Studied design. Now into drawing.

thursday, May 30 2013

Jesse, 20 years old, Amsterdam. Future graphic designer. Interested in drawing and photography.

A Portrait For Breakfast in Berlin is exhibited at Fotofestival Naarden (till June 23) and A Portrait For Breakfast in Buenos Aires can been seen in Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires (till June 9). With financial support by the Vanden Ende Foundation.

sunday, April 28 2013

Luna, 14 years, Buenos Aires. Likes all kind of creative disciplines. Drawing and writing are two of them.

wednesday, April 10 2013

Matias, 17 years old, Buenos Aires. Draftsman. Also plays several instruments in punk bands, including guitar.

thursday, April 04 2013

Ornella, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Designs her own jewelery, like the plastic car in her ear on this portrait. Writer of sad poems about love. Likes drawing.

friday, November 02 2012

David, 14 years old, Berlin. Member of several bands with his bass guitar. Likes hardcore. Also a draftsman of manga.

tuesday, October 09 2012

Celina, 15 years old, Berlin. Future event manager. Model. Likes to draw.


monday, September 17 2012

Kathy, 16 years old, Bielenfeld, Germany. Draws with charcoal. Drummer in a band.

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