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friday, July 19 2013

Diès, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Likes acting and dancing. Used to be a model in his childhood.

monday, April 22 2013

Jonathan, 18 years old, Buenos Aires. Tango dancer.

friday, October 19 2012

Johanna, 14 years old, Berlin. Wants to become a journalist. Already spend some hours at the desks of the Berliner Morgenpost. Dances since she is 5 years old, from ballet to hip hop and jazz.

monday, September 24 2012

Yannick, 13  years old, Berlin. Talented football player. He knows how to the dance the Jerk, a hip hop street dance from Los Angeles that’s gaining popularity with youngsters throughout the world.

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September 24th, 2012 | 1 comment

thursday, September 20 2012

Moritz, 12 years old, Berlin. Model. Capoeira dancer.

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September 20th, 2012 | 1 comment

wednesday, September 19 2012

Sanny, 19 years old, Berlin. Sings in a choir in the church. Likes jumpstyle and streetfunk dance.

saturday, September 15 2012

Lara, 16 years old, Berlin. Skatergirl. Likes to dance.

thursday, September 13 2012

Nadine, 16 years old, Berlin. Pianist. Also dancer of the “Funkenmariechen”, a traditional German dance.

monday, May 21 2012

Feire, 13 years old, Amsterdam. Last visitor of the exhibition of A Portrait For Breakfast , yesterday in &FOAM. Likes dancing. Wants to become an interior designer in the future. Inspired by modern art.

friday, September 03 2011

Romy, 13 years old, Amsterdam. Likes to sing, dance and make music with friends. Sometimes she makes collages of photographs for short YouTube movies. John Mayer is her favorite singer.

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