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friday, September 28 2012

Fania, 18 years old, Berlin. Professional model. Inspired by Vivian Westwood and Bertold Brecht. Started with a study in dance and theater.

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September 28th, 2012 | 1 comment

wednesday, September 19 2012

Sanny, 19 years old, Berlin. Sings in a choir in the church. Likes jumpstyle and streetfunk dance.

monday, September 03 2012

Eternity, 14 years old, Berlin. Likes hip hop and dance.

monday, August 20 2012

Pim, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Member of a school for theater. Also part time following lessons at Artez, an academy for arts in Arnhem. Interested in fashion, dance and theater.

saturday, October 02 2010

Ramon, 18 years old, Amsterdam. Gets educated as a designer and maker of fashion. Likes to sing, mostly in private, and is into streetdance.

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