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saturday, June 01 2013

John, 20 years old, Buenos Aires. Musician. Inspired by blues.

A Portrait For Breakfast in Berlin is exhibited at Fotofestival Naarden (till June 23) and A Portrait For Breakfast in Buenos Aires can been seen in Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires (till June 9). With financial support by the Vanden Ende Foundation.

friday, April 26 2013

Victoria, 16 years old, Buenos Aires. Photography.

friday, March 05 2013

Micaela, 17 years old, Bunos Aires. Blues singer and percussionist.

sunday, March 31 2013

Patricio, 17 years old, Buenos Aires. Future architect, inspired by the Flatiron Building in New York. Plays guitar (and bass) since he was 8 years old.

sunday, March 24 2013

Tomás, 14 years old, Buenos Aires. Piano player. Inspired by Charly García, a sing-songwriter, pianist and guitarist from Argentina.

friday, March 22 2013

Eric, 16 years old, Buenos Aires. Political activist and drummer.

sunday, September 23 2012

Nathalie, 16 years old, Berlin. Wants to become photographer. Also likes to play piano.

friday, September 21 2012

Jenni, 16 years old, Berlin. Interested in fashion and music. Inspired by fashion duo Perret Schaad from Berlin and fashion designer Patrick Mohr from Munich. Likes The XX and The Falls.

monday, August 20 2012

Pim, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Member of a school for theater. Also part time following lessons at Artez, an academy for arts in Arnhem. Interested in fashion, dance and theater.

wednesday, April 18 2012

Luca, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Wants to become a known photographer of portraits.

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