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tuesday, June 21 2011

Dennis, 16 years old. Bike rider on a trail with his BMX. Online radio maker and presenter. He usually plays punk, metal and rock music. Favorite band: Escape the Fate.

thursday, November 18 2010

Samir, 18 years old, Amsterdam. Likes to chill with his friends in the streets or in parks. Very good in doing stunts with his BMX-bike in halfpipes. Likes to listen to hardcore-music.

monday, November 01 2010

Sam, 19 years old, Amsterdam. On an art journey through the city. Particular likes the old architecture. He studies design. Lately designed teaboxes and teacups: Sam is British.

monday, July 05 2010

Jelmer, age unkown, Amsterdam. Speed skater (on ice). Trains in summer seven days a week for several hours on the bike to get stronger in the winter on ice.

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