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wednesday, May 15 2013

Juan, 18 years old, Buenos Aires. Free style rapper, at home. Photographed twice for this project.

tuesday, May 14 2013

Lola, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Grafitti artist, in her bedroom. Most photographed person during the stay of Jasper Groen in Argentina. Today this adventures ends, but the coming weeks portraits will continue to be uploaded. From Buenos Aires ánd Berlin.

From Saturday, May 18, Fotofestival Naarden will exhibit 33 portraits from ‘A Portrait For Breakfast in Berlin’.

friday, January 28 2011

Robert, 21 years old, Amsterdam.  Award winning actor. Playes a role in the new Steven Spielberg movie War Horse, which is expected to be in cinema at the end of this year.

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friday, January 14 2011

Rein, 27 years old, Leiden. Photographed in his anti-squatter ‘house’, a former school building. Very talented photographer. Will graduate from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, this year.

wednesday, October 27 2010

Wessel, 15 years old, Assendelft. Likes to change his style every now and than. Second model that posed twice for A Portrait For Breakfast, this time at home. A great drawer. Likes a lot of music, including The Dubliners, Elvis Presley and Guns N’ Roses.

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tuesday, October 26 2010

Ruben, 22 years old, Amsterdam. Professional model and actor. Works frequently with Erwin Olaf for photography and film. Now creating an artwork on the internet.

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