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friday, 12 October 2012

Ardian, 16 years old, Berlin. Skater and drummer. Future social worker.

wednesday, October 10 2012

Paul, 16 years old, Berlin, Chef in a restaurant. Plays trumpet.

saturday, October 06 2012

Dogukan, 16 years old, Berlin. Photographer. Publishes his work on a special Facebook page that has over 7.000 likes. Inspired by Rankin. Facebook page: Nesanir Photography.

thursday, September 27 2012

Caspar, 16 years old, Berlin. Successful blogger with over 3.000 visitors on his website per month. Interested in fashion and design. Invited for all kinds of events througout Europe and taken seriously by most important fashion labels. Please, visit his blog at: www.thecloudhunter.com

tuesday, September 25 2012

Hanna, 16 years old, Berlin. Wants to study ‘visual marketing’. Interested in set design and photography.

sunday, September 23 2012

Nathalie, 16 years old, Berlin. Wants to become photographer. Also likes to play piano.

friday, September 21 2012

Jenni, 16 years old, Berlin. Interested in fashion and music. Inspired by fashion duo Perret Schaad from Berlin and fashion designer Patrick Mohr from Munich. Likes The XX and The Falls.

tuesday, September 18 2012

Timo, 16 years old, Bielenfeld, Germany. Wants to become an artist. He wants to create sculptures. Inspired by Andy Warhol. Plays bass guitar. Sings in a choir.

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monday, September 17 2012

Kathy, 16 years old, Bielenfeld, Germany. Draws with charcoal. Drummer in a band.

saturday, September 15 2012

Lara, 16 years old, Berlin. Skatergirl. Likes to dance.

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