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tuesday, April 09 2013

Valentina, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Writer of short stories. Inspired by Dostojevski and others.

saturday, April 06 2013

Facundo, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Graffiti artist.

thursday, April 04 2013

Ornella, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Designs her own jewelery, like the plastic car in her ear on this portrait. Writer of sad poems about love. Likes drawing.

tuesday, April 02 2013

Francisco, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Saxophone player.

wednesday, March 27 2013

Sofi, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Violin player.

tuesday, March 26 2013

SofĂ­a, 15 years old, Buenos Aires. Feminist activist . Likes Regina Spektor.

tuesday, November 06 2012

Anni, 15 years old, Berlin. Cheerleader. Wants to be a journalist for television or newspaper in the future.

monday, November 05 2012

Benjamin, 15 years old, Berlin. Interested in arts and inspired by Gerhard Richter.

saturday, October 13 2012

Silwy, 15 years old, Berlin. Plays rock music on the piano. Wants to become a music teacher.

tuesday, October 09 2012

Celina, 15 years old, Berlin. Future event manager. Model. Likes to draw.


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