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wednesday, September 12 2012

Kaan, 14 years old, Berlin. Skater and graffiti artist.

tuesday, September 04 2012

Antony (Toto), 14 years old, Berlin. Graffiti artist.

wednesday, August 22 2012

Rachel, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Musician and singer.

thursday, March 08 2012

Sam, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Actor. Already performed at Toneelgroep Amsterdam Junior, with an adaption of the movie Glengarry Glen Ross. Likes Al Pacino. Celebrates the premiere of a school play later today.

wednesday, March 07 2012

Rachel, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Singer and guitar player.

friday, November 25 2011

Piet, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Wants to study Physics on Harvard in the future. Successful sailer (RS feva). Sailed the final of the Dutch championships and he might represent his country at the World Cup next summer in England.

thursday, November 17 2011

Guido, 14 years old, Amsterdam. This portrait was taken last summer, but never made it to this website. Surfer and price winning sailer.

monday, August 29 2011

Rosa, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Previously photographed for this project. Still wants to become a journalist, with already some experience, but also interested in photography.

monday, June 20 2011

Samantha, 14 years old. Gymnast. Specialized in the Floor Exercise. Wants to become an actress, preferably in musicals or movies like ‘Afblijven’ (based on a Dutch book from writer Carry Slee). Listens to rap and hip hop.

tursday, June 16 2011

Luca, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Interested in photography, mainly of urban life and people. Also into inventing special gadgets on his clothes, like his self constructed Lego-heart on his chest. Educated on Media College.

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