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tuesday, March 19 2013

Aaron, 12 years old, Buenos Aires. Percussionist.

monday, October 08 2012

Julian, 12 years old, Berlin. Hockey player. Likes singer-songwriter Taio Cruz.

tuesday, October 02 2012

Franziska, 12 years old, Berlin. Plays guitar and piano. Likes to sing. Is interested in photography.

saturday, September 29 2012

Max, 12 years old, Berlin. Wants to become a sound technician at hardrock concerts.

thursday, September 20 2012

Moritz, 12 years old, Berlin. Model. Capoeira dancer.

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September 20th, 2012 | 1 comment

friday, August 31 2012

Gregor, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Passionate drummer. Skater (a cruiser, no tricks). And he likes photography. Wants to join an art school next year.

wednesday, August 29 2012

Jero, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Skater.

Monday, August 13 2012

Jona, 12 years old. Talented football player.

tuesday, March 20 2012

Jan, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Skateboarder.

thursday, June 09 2011

Milo, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Cricket player since last season, trained by Dutch internationals at VRA Cricket Amsterdam. Started to like the sport when he visited a cricket match in England. Also plays the tunes of Fawlty Towers and Harry Potter on the piano. Good in mathematics.

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