monday, November 28 2011

Jessy, 16 years old, Amsterdam. Celebrated his 16th birthday this weekend with a big party in Bijlmer. Singer of hard core band All Shall Suffer. Wants the story of his life tattooed on his body when he is older.

friday, November 25 2011

Piet, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Wants to study Physics on Harvard in the future. Successful sailer (RS feva). Sailed the final of the Dutch championships and he might represent his country at the World Cup next summer in England.

thursday, November 24 2011

Boaz, 16 years old, Amsterdam. For six years regularly portrayed by Jasper Groen, and also photographed for fashion magazine Blend. Still figuring out what to do later in life.

wednesday, November 23 2011

Joana, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Musician, singer and Beatles-adept. Gets lessons in singing from Mathilde Santing. Previously photographed for this project.

monday, November 21 2011

Jiron, 17 years old, Amsterdam. Multi talent: writer, columnist, singer, drummer and actor. Lead singer of the punk band The Backdoor Reapers. Studying at the Film Actors Academy Amsterdam.

friday, November 18 2011

Nina, 19 years old, Amsterdam. Blogger. First for Cosmo Girl, now for Invited to become blogger about fashion by a professional brand, but still negotiating. Used to be a professional model.

thursday, November 17 2011

Guido, 14 years old, Amsterdam. This portrait was taken last summer, but never made it to this website. Surfer and price winning sailer.

wednesday, November 16 2011

Olivier, 16 years old, Amsterdam. Bass guitar player. Member of several bands. And working on an online video project. Photographed for this project before.

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