saturday, July 31 2010

Nana, 18 years old, Rotterdam. Nowadays in hippie-style, but she used to be ’emo’. Interested in fashion and she likes to design clothes by herself.

friday, July 30 2010

Mark, 13 years old, Delfgauw. Likes to become a professional football player, but set his goals more realistic: in future planning to be a teacher in sports.

thursday, July 29 2010

Tender, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Skateboarder and tennis player. Favorite hangouts in the world: Bangkok, Barcelona and Brasil. Wants to do something with television in future.

wednesday, July 28 2010

Vincent, 19 years old, Amsterdam. Named after painter Van Gogh. ‘Starry night’ is his favorite painting. Wants to become a drawer or painter himself.

tuesday, July 27 2010

Puck, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Enthousiastic skateboarder. Visited the last three concerts of 30 Seconds to Mars in the Netherlands, as well as the last concert of Kill Hannah.

monday, July 26 2010

Jedidja, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Wants to see whether she can become successful in making music or not. Interested in photography. Just got her first professional camera. Likes to document her friends.

sunday, July 25 2010

Mitch, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Just got two free hugs from tourists, an upcoming trend to hug complete strangers in the street. Wants to become a stylist in the world of fashion. Latest invention: draw your own mustache.

saturday, July 24 2010

Jiri, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Just entered town for his first interview as a musician with ‘Hitkrant’, a Dutch magazine about popstars. His band The Wild Things caught the attention, because their video on You Tube was watched over 14.000 times in one week.

friday, July 23 2010

Gwydd, 16 years old, Amsterdam. In training for the Welsh Martial Arts Championship Under 18, in September. Text on his T-shirt: Your girlfriend (left image), My girlfriend (right image).

thursday, July 22 2010

Anika, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Gothic lolita. Interested in anything related to Japan, including watching anime. Is trained by a personal ‘sensei’ (Master) and has a blue belt in aikido.

wednesday, July 21 2010

Sean, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Rapper. Artist name DMK (De Man die alles Kan), meaning: the man who is able. Has been working on several advertisement campaigns as a model.

tuesday, July 20 2010

Karel, 12 years old, Amsterdam. About to join secondary school. Likes to play songs on the guitar from bands like Blink-182 and Coldplay.

monday, July 19 2010

Lendl, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Just bought some food and on his way to get his hair done at a friend’s place.

sunday, July 18 2010

Valentino, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Half-Dutch, half-Greek. Spend his time with friends in the urban jungle of Athens. Likes to become a chef.

saturday, July 17 2010

Maia, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Grown up in Florida (USA) and the Netherlands. Photographed with ‘Cupcake’, her dog. Member of Circus Elleboog, a group of acrobatic children in the Netherlands. She likes to do tricks in a big curtain.

friday, July 16 2010

Anna, 17 years old, Amsterdam. Waiting for her train, back to Denmark. In between study and jobs. Thinking about writing a novel.

thursday, July 15 2010

Finn, 16 years old, Amsterdam. Is wearing a Mini Mouse hat, and carries a Dora bag with him. Says he is a born rebel.

wednesday, July 14 2010

Pelle, 18 years old, Amsterdam. Born and raised in Israel. Dutch speaking because he lived from his 10th till 13th year in the Netherlands. Soon serving the army, where he thinks he can learn important lessons for life.

tuesday, July 13 2010

Micky, 18 years old, Amsterdam. Just finished secondary school and ready to go and study at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Likes to write and has her own blog (in English) about her daily life.

monday, July 12 2010

Coen, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Finished his primary school, last week. Wants to become a director of movies or a tv-producer. Plays hockey and tennis.

sunday, July 11 2010

Charelle, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Likes the band Slipknot. Wants to become an astronomer, because she likes to stare at the stars.

saturday, July 09 2010

Nick, 17 years old, Amsterdam. Practicing daily with playing on the electric guitar. Interested in philosophy and likes to quote Søren Kierkegaard.

friday, July 09 2010

Kim, left, and Ruby, both 17 years old, Amsterdam. Belgium sisters, visiting Amsterdam. Kim wants to study art and become a creator of “kind of abstract paintings”. Ruby is planning to become a great ballet dancer.

thursday, July 08 2010

Darek, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Bass guitar player from the indie rock band The Lost Car Keys. Listening to Eels, while being photographed, a band he was introduced to by his mother.

wednesday, July 07 2010

Iris, 17 years old, Amsterdam. Interested in the gothic lolita culture and fashion. Photographed while waiting for a concert of visual kei-band Versailles.

tuesday,July 06 2010

Shane, 18 years, Amsterdam. Dancer. More into jazz than into ballet or modern.

monday, July 05 2010

Jelmer, age unkown, Amsterdam. Speed skater (on ice). Trains in summer seven days a week for several hours on the bike to get stronger in the winter on ice.

sunday, July 04 2010

Aris, 13 years old, Amsterdam. Into rock music, football and skateboarding.

saturday, July 03 2010

Wouter, 16 years old, and Babette, 14 years old, Delft. Wouter is a train- and planespotter. Babette a musician. She likes screamo, metal and post-hardcore.

friday, July 02 2010

Wisse, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Football player. Predicts the Dutch football team will defeat Brasil, later today.

thursday, July 01 2010

Amber, 16 years old, Amsterdam. Likes salsa dancing. Her favorite movie: Dear John.

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