wednesday, June 30 2010

Mo, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Lives in Portugal, but on a three months holiday at his friends in the Netherlands. A dedicated longboard skater.

tuesday, June 29 2010

Simone, 16 years old, Venlo. Taking care of her personal horse. Planning to go on holidays by barge this summer. Into Dark Age, KoRn, Nirvana and other bands.

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monday, June 28 2010

Ziko, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Keyboard-player in Distortion, his second band. Likes to play pop music. Favorite singer: Mika. Posed for several photographers, including Erwin Olaf.

sunday, June 27 2010

Wessel, 13 years old, and Rakhel, 14 years old, Amsterdam. In love since two weeks. Wessel likes Linkin Park. Rakhel currently listen to Solo from Iyaz.

saturday, June 26 2010

Denny, 21 years old, Amsterdam. Grown up in a Chinese family in the Netherlands. Textwriter from songs of Chapter 9 Syndrome. Wearing a chain, given by his father, with the symbol of his year when he was born: the Year of the Dragon.

friday, June 25 2010

Menno, 21 years old, Utrecht. Model for photographers and fashion designers. Student of the history of contemporary art.

thursday, June 24 2010

Shina, right, 18 years old, Amsterdam. Interested in fashiondesign, but without a clear vision on her future. Portraited with best friend Bos (17 years, left) inWesterpark.

wednesday, June 23 2010

Maarten, 25 years old, Amsterdam. Freelance graphic designer and singer/composer in a band which combines synthpop, indie rock and dance. Performed in Milan, Berlin and London. Tries to design his life around music.

tuesday, June 22 2010

Daniel, 16 years old, Amsterdam. German pupil on schooltrip in Amsterdam. Joined a tour on the canals (‘too long and too boring’) and visited the Anne Frank House (‘a bit sad’).

monday, June 21 2010

Jan, 22 years old, Amsterdam. German drummer from metal core band.

sunday, June 20 2010

Robin, 15 years old, Venlo. Inline-skater in half-pipe. Also into judo. His hero is Angus Young, guitar player of the hardrockband AC/DC.

saturday, June 19 2010

Tessa, 15 years old, and Daan, 15 years old, Rotterdam. Say they are influenced by emo-subculture. Favorit band: Another Friday.

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friday, June 18 2010

Jaimy, 16 years old, Venlo. Close friend to Jasper (see: yesterday). Likes travel around by train to meet friends, and to draw faces from people.

thursday, June 17 2010

Jasper, 20 years old, Venlo. A good singer and guitar player. However, the jury of SBS6 Popstars turned him down over a year ago. Still singing.

wednesday, June 19 2010

Veerle, 15 years old, Venlo. Into hiphop-dancing. Wants to open a dance studio in the future.

tuesday, June 15 2010

Rick, 17 years old, Horst a/d Maas. Member of a band playing ‘screamo’: emo-music with screaming voices. Describes his style as a mix of ’emo’ and ‘scene’. Dressing like this since he was 13 years old, and therefor one of the first to introduce the emo-subculture to the Netherlands.

monday, June 14 2010

Jeroen, 26 years old, Amsterdam. Beaten up because he is gay. Organized a demonstration for tolerance and against violence. Held a breathtaking speech for the freedom of sexuality, yesterday, for almost 1.000 listeners. Photographed at the gay monument (Homomonument) in Amsterdam.

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sunday, June 13 2010

Rianne, 26 years old, Nijmegen. Pole dancer by hobby, capable of doing a long list of incredible movements, such as: The Floating Ballerina, The Shell and The Yogini. Trains several times a week in the sports center of the university.

saturday, June 12 2010

Volker, 20 years old, Nijmegen. Most photographed person by Jasper Groen. Former student. Used to have dreadlocks, but nowadays thinking of shaving of all his hair. About to travel around the world. Talented photographer.

friday, June 11 2010

Anne-Kristèl, 19 years old, Amsterdam. Student. Likes Indyrock. Gives her nails another color every day.

thursday, June 10 2010

‘Anouschka’, 14 years old, Amsterdam. Listen to metal music. Plays piano, but not yet member of a band.

wednesday, June 9 2010

Jona, 10 years old, Amsterdam. Talented footballer that turned several offers down. Favourit team: Ajax. Photographed in Westerpark after a fight with waterguns.

tuesday, June 8 2010

Omar, 12 years old, Amsterdam. Skateboarding since six months and already able to do all kind of tricks in the pool.

monday, June 7 2010

Bo, 9 years old, Amsterdam. Scouted as a model by several photographers and casting directors. Right now one of the characters in a nation-wide campaign for Eneco Energy.

sunday, June 6 2010

Leontine, 46 years old, and Fleur, 9 years old, Amsterdam. Just returned from a hockey tournament for families. Fleur is a talented hockeyplayer and iceskater.

saturday, June 5 2010

Darah, 14  years old, Amsterdam. Loves to streetdance. Posed for several fashion shoots in the past.

friday, June 4 2019

Joseph, 19 years old, Amsterdam. Just flown in from his hometown Los Angeles, USA, where he bought his sunglasses in a local store.

thursday, June 3 2010

Dano, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Inspired by his grandmother, who introduced him to the world of piercings at the age of 8 years.

wednesday, June 2 2010

Mikka, 16 years old, and Yael, 15 years old, Amsterdam. Love rap- and hiphop-music. Favorite rapper: Hef, from the Netherlands.

tuesday, June 1 2010

‘Mof’, 17 years old, Amsterdam. Born in Krefeld, near the Dutch-German border, and spending time and drinking beers in Amsterdam with Spanish friends. Click on ‘read more’ for a photo of his remarkable shoes… read more…

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